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Top 50 Singles 2009 – The Top Ten

What’s that sound? Fanfare? Trumpets? Hysterical screaming? No, it’s actually tumbleweed. Festive tumbleweed, perhaps. Everyone’s pretty much in a holiday mood now, I’m assuming, so now is clearly the best time to sneak out the much-anticipated (HA!) conclusion to my annual rundown of tunes of the good variety.

Behind the click below are my top 10 tracks of the year. And you can listen to a (rather pitiful) 42 of the 50 tracks over here via Spotify.

If anyone’s paying attention, what do you reckon to my choices? Too obvious? Not obvious enough? Most importantly – what have I missed? What’s been floating your 2009-shaped boat that should be in here?

So, here goes…

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Sparks – Lighten Up Morrissey


I have a bit of a fear of “funny” records, but I had to post this simply for the giant Morrissey heads taped to the dancing ladies in the video. Entertaining. And as far as “funny” lyrics go, this definitely has moments that fall into the acceptable (Half Man Half Biscuit) school. The sentiment is, of course, admirable. Out 23rd March:

Enrique Iglesias ft. Ciara – Takin’ Back My Love


I’ve had a whole new respect for Enrique ever since the fantastic Ping Pong Song a few years back. That Ciara’s silky/sweet vocals are a worthwhile addition to most things probably doesn’t need saying. This never quite takes off in the way it promises, but sounds “with it” and sounds ever better played really loud, which is always good. As ludicrously melodramatic as ever, of course, but that’s half the point. Out on the 23rd March.

Ladytron – Tomorrow


Floaty, dreamy, jellyfish-centric video from reliable synth-popsters here on slightly more floaty, dreamy form than usual. Not a standout track on last year’s predictable-but-classy Velocifero, Tomorrow nontheless works pretty well as a single, thanks largely to Jim Abbiss’s slight polishing up of the production. It’s out now, backed with a bunch of remixes and stuff.

Hot Leg – Cocktails


Out this week, so how did this manage to pass me by? Justin Hawkins, erstwhile of the Darkness and apparently now trying his hand at acting – in a horror flick with Cordelia off of Buffy, is BACK.

Has he moved on? Not one jot, of course. A couple of synth squiggles at the beginning, maybe, but it’s still the same old cock(-tail) rock reviving fun. His new bandmates are a mixed up bunch, some more ABC than AC/DC, but nothing that would shock you out of the 80s.

Is it still acceptable to base a song around the fact that Justin Hawkins wants to wail the word ‘cock’ in a high-pitched voice? Clearly not, but the hell with it. Here you go:

frYars – Visitors


OK, so I’ve decided that posting everything at once means this place is too quiet for most of the week. So it’s one track at a time from now on. The first act to benefit from this enormously privileged treatment is 19-year-old electro “whizz” Ben Garrett, AKA frYars (irritating caps disappointingly non-optional). On this nice little track, he gets a helping hand from one of his evident icons, Mr Dave Gahan, who mumbles along on backing vocals. As shamelessly retro as La Roux, but somehow feeling a bit more substantial. The obvious touchpoints are Soft Cell and Gahan’s own work, but the pillaging is reverential, in the mould of Patrick Wolf, or a slightly more Pop Magnetic Fields. Out on the 9th March, with an album, Dark Young Hearts to follow soonish afterwards.

Pet Shop Boys, Lady GaGa, Frankmusik: new vids, essentially

Lady GaGa
Hallo there blog, I’ve been neglecting you again, ain’t I? Anyway, there are vids and things to catch up on. Probably the most pleasing thing I’ve heard recently is the beautifully synthy new Yeah Yeah Yeahs track Zero. It’s a beast of a track – a grower, and most certainly best appreciated LOUD. Do you know what it makes me think? It makes me think this is the sort of thing that should have come out of the second Long Blondes album, but somehow didn’t. Also, if La Roux doesn’t normally float your boat, check out the brilliant Skream mix of In For The Kill – especially the last minute or so. Bangin’.

Onto the vids. Click below for the vids. Some goodies this week…
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New La Roux, video-free legends, genre confusion, and bleeps


Let’s kick off with a bit of audio-only action from two pop scene stalwarts who it’s still very much OK to love. First up, WHY on earth is there no video for what is surely Saint Etienne’s most pop single in years. I guess it’s the same reason their latest best of has been repeatedly delayed (I wrote at length about it months ago) and that people ignore Tales from Turnpike House. Yes, it’s because the world is WRONG. All of it, all of you. Anyway, there’s also some more Xenomania-assisted tuneage from them Pet Shop Boys, for your video-free enjoyment. I’ve only given it a couple of “spins” but it’s ticking the boxes so far. It’s quite camp and silly. What, really?

On with the show below, kicked off by that La Roux vid I was waiting for last week…

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Still Flyin’, Lykke Li, and other new stuff


Bit of a break again there, but will hopefully keep this more regular from now on. I tend to post a bit more frequently on Twitter, if you want to follow me over there. So, what’s been going on? Plenty more good stuff on the way, that’s what. Hopefully we’ll get a video for this soon, because it’s awesome: La Roux – In For The Kill (Streaming Audio). For now though, here’s some things that actually have videos and are out soon…
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The Bird, the Bee, the (Rex the) Dog, and Other Animals

The Bird and the Bee

SO. Back again. Some good new videos this week, as you’ll see if you click below. Fun stuff from Rex the Dog, Brakes, and Sean Paul (yes.) Also some nonvid type links to things by Max Tundra and the BPA. Excellent. I’ve yet to get excited enough by the new Franz Ferdinand to write about it. The new Girls Aloud is boring and the new Jamie T is a bit bloody noisy. Good stuff follows, though:

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