New Releases 11th August 2008

Single of the Week: Bloc Party – Mercury
Is this a controversial choice? I’m not sure. Is it even a controversial single choice for Bloc Party? Even less sure. I’ve never been a Bloc Party fan in any way, though I’ll admit they’ve had their moments (Flux being my favourite to date), but there’s something about this one that I can’t resist.

There’s no doubt that it’s a sidestep for the band, and some distance away from indie disco staples like ‘Banquet’ and ‘Helicopter.’ But is it really that radical? In the scheme of things, no. Yet it’s worthy of applause because it’s a major league guitar band prepared to branch out, even just a little, and make something that makes you sit up and take notice.

It won’t be my most played song of the year, but its manic fusion of great beats with nonsense lyrics makes it one of the most interesting mainstream releases so far this year.

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