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Top 50 Singles 2009 (40-31)

Welcome to Part 2! If you missed Part 1 – you can find it here.

Familiar names start cropping up in the top 40, as one would expect, but among the Dizzee Rascal and the Groove Armada, there’s plenty of new stuff, some older new stuff, and maybe the odd thing you haven’t heard. So give it a click below and have a look.

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Calvin Harris – Ready For the Weekend

If you follow Calvin on Twitter, you’ll be aware that his tweeting pretty much mirrors his recorded output – it never stops, for a start, and it clumsily straddles the line between hilarity, genius, and insufferable irritation.

So here we go again. One thing you can’t debate is his ability to knock out a sure-fire hit. This will no doubt be all over the radio from now until – well, whenever someone else comes up with another upbeat song about hating your humdrum life and looking forward to the weekend.

So, prepare to get this stuck in your head for about the next 18 months, and remember to ignore the bits in the verse that sound like an Adam and Joe pastiche.

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New Releases 7th July 2008

Single of the Week: Those Dancing Days – Run Run
Inevitably, as the year goes on, I’m bound to keep giving Singles of the Week to bands I like that are producing more of the same great stuff. There are a lot of singles out this week, and a lot them are kind of OK. This one’s pretty good, so it wins. Previous single Hitten was so titled because it’s the Swedish for ‘The Hit’. Which is kind of appropriate, as this doesn’t really scale the same dizzy heights. However, it is still a great example of accomplished, mature pop music from a bunch of young ‘uns.

Because it’s the summer, and I’m feeling kind, I’ve decided to stick to reviewing songs I actually like. Or at least find interesting.  Away with the bad vibes! The rest of the week’s good/ok/interesting releases are available with a simple click below…

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