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Top 75 Tracks 2010: THE TOP TEN

Yes, it’s here, the actual top ten. I felt like expanding my annual top 50 to 75 was a clever move. I now feel like I’ve been writing about songs pretty much FOREVER. It’s a good job doing so is such fun.

Anyway, as this is the top ten, you will not be surprised to find some GUSHING contained within. It builds slowly, but it’s definitely there by the end. Not everyone will have heard the track I’ve chosen as this year’s number one, but I strongly recommend you all give it a whirl. I’m just as happy with it as I was with ‘With Every Heartbeat’ in 2007 and ‘Bad Romance’ last year, and that’s saying something.

Previous parts of the list are linked at the end of the post, and I’ll consolidate the whole lot into one list at some point in the near future. The full Spotify playlist (minus 4 pesky tracks including #3) is now complete.

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Delorean – Stay Close

It’s the weekend! And, aside from that bit of rain out there right now (ignore that) it’s sunny and it’s Spring (trust me). We’ve already had a burst of summery joy once this week in the shape of the new Kid Sister vid. But here’s something altogether different. The cognoscenti seem to be calling it ‘blisscore’ and I’m pretty happy with that. All I know is that Delorean are from Barcelona, they named their last EP after a Formula One great, and made one of my favourite tracks of 2009. They’ve got an album coming out this year, rather brilliantly titled Subiza, and this is the lead single. The video is all mid-90s cheapcore underwater camera action, but the track is a beaut – immediate it may not be, but full of joy it certainly is.

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Top 50 Singles 2009 (40-31)

Welcome to Part 2! If you missed Part 1 – you can find it here.

Familiar names start cropping up in the top 40, as one would expect, but among the Dizzee Rascal and the Groove Armada, there’s plenty of new stuff, some older new stuff, and maybe the odd thing you haven’t heard. So give it a click below and have a look.

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