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Why a Nicki-only Monster is pointless

So let me get this straight… Kanye West is a misogynistic prick and now everyone hates him. Apparently some people’s resolution for 2011 is to set records for rapidly changing their minds about something they very recently declared to be Amazing.

Revisionism 2011 ™ seems to be on the verge of declaring Minaj’s verse in Monster the only thing now officially safe to like about Kanye 2010. Not a bad argument in some sense, given that it’s the best few minutes in pop of the last 12 months.

So let’s have a Nicki-only Monster [MP3] right? Ditch those tedious old dudes and you got a 100% right-on and totally perfect track? Right?


And this is no discredit to Mr. Kingdom, on remix/edit duties back there. It’s a pretty good mix. Taken on it’s own, it’s pretty cool. If I’d heard that, and not heard Monster, I’d think YES. This is most decent.

However, what it’s made me realise is that eating the cherry without the cake SUCKS.

Rubbish, obviously

Everyone happy

Now while it would no doubt please Kanye and his buddies to be compared to a giant pink cupcake, I do have a point beyond that.

As if I needed one.

Anyway, the point is simple: Nicki’s verse works so well because of build and release. Monster is by no means awful before she shows up, but it is a bit of a slog.

Simple then, right, skip the slog?

Some things are a bit of a slog:

"Let's skip the rubbish bit on the right and just get someone to drop us off at the top"

The joy is in the build up. Bon Iver’s whining, Rick Ross’s half-arsed shambolism, Kanye’s phoned-in “Kanye”, Jay-Z’s befuddled old dude act. CLIMB IT.

Then one of these shows up, in a pink wig:


And it gives the completed whole a meaning. Take THAT you perfectly functional but kind of dilapidated old building-type dudes.

What good’s a wrecking ball swinging aimlessly around in the air?

New Video: Kanye West ft. Nicki Minaj et al – Monster

It’s finally here! And it’s pretty much as messed up and brilliant as expected. Fittingly, the Minaj section is incredible, and sort of puts the controversy-courting remainder of the video in the shade. You can only take so much of Kanye and his mates hanging around dead models like bored creeps, after all. The song (my #3 of 2010) is still, of course, amazing.

Top 75 Tracks 2010: THE TOP TEN

Yes, it’s here, the actual top ten. I felt like expanding my annual top 50 to 75 was a clever move. I now feel like I’ve been writing about songs pretty much FOREVER. It’s a good job doing so is such fun.

Anyway, as this is the top ten, you will not be surprised to find some GUSHING contained within. It builds slowly, but it’s definitely there by the end. Not everyone will have heard the track I’ve chosen as this year’s number one, but I strongly recommend you all give it a whirl. I’m just as happy with it as I was with ‘With Every Heartbeat’ in 2007 and ‘Bad Romance’ last year, and that’s saying something.

Previous parts of the list are linked at the end of the post, and I’ll consolidate the whole lot into one list at some point in the near future. The full Spotify playlist (minus 4 pesky tracks including #3) is now complete.

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New Releases 28th April 2008

Single of the Week: Kid Sister ft. Kanye West – Pro Nails
Ah, finally this gets a proper release! About time, too. This excellent electro/hip-hop crossover track has been flloating around since the back end of 2007. It’s spent so long waiting to be released that ace Chicago MC Kid Sister actually ended up making her UK debut on the Count & Sinden’s Beeper. This is in a different league though, and for once it’s not Kanye that steals the show. As I’ve mentioned before, Kid Sister is kind of like an updated version of Princess Superstar, only with better delivery, and on this evidence, much better singles. Of course the lyrical content’s total nonsense, but who honestly cares? This is great, fresh-sounding stuff, perfect for summer, full of life, bounce and energy. Comfortably one of the best pop singles of the year so far.

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New Releases 14th April 2008

Single of the Week: Ladyhawke – Back Of The Van
This is not the most innovative single released this week, nor is it the most outright beautiful. It is, however, the one that made me sit up, almost spit out my coffee, and go ‘YES!’ It’s derivative in oh so many ways.. the video is all Pat Benetar, the vocals are Stevie Nicks all over, there’s modern touches borrowed from Feist… but it all gels into something that works perfectly. A refreshingly non-ironic take on the 80s, for once, and a deserved best of a good bunch this week. She’s signed to Modular and plays the Camden Crawl this weekend – catch her now, as she’s surely a star in the making.

Click below for the rest of the week’s UK single releases…

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New Releases 24th March 2008

Single of the Week: MIA – Paper Planes
This song actually feels like it’s been around forever now. Thankfully it’s finally seeing a physical single release, and so I can finally award it its thoroughly deserved Single of the Week. You’ve almost certainly heard it by now, and if you haven’t, well, click the link above because it’s pretty much unmissable. As a card-carrying Clash-obsessive, I was initially sceptical about any song sampling the sublime ‘Straight to Hell’. This one uses that classic as a basis, and transforms it into a new song that’s, improbably, equally great. The bullish use of cash registers and gunshots as rhythmic/lyric-replacing samples is initially distracting, but on repeated listens makes perfect sense. I’d imagine the repeated release date delays were in order to push this song closer to the summer, as that’s when it will really come into its own. Laid back, yet not lacking in energy, an instant classic on release, and easily one of the best singles of the year. 10/10.

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