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Telephoned – Hold Me

Telephoned… basically your average Brooklyn art prank band, right? Surfacing a few years back with that ‘Pop Champagne’ version, Sammy Bananas (YES) and Maggie Horn have made party-friendly, and some might say ever so slightly silly, cover versions their way of life for the past few years. Their Off The Hook mixtape, featuring a bunch of covers from the sublime (Kyla’s Do You Mind) to the unnecessary (Kings of Lyawn), is still available for FREE here and is still fun.

Hold Me is the duo’s first entirely original track, and it’s pretty sweet actually. Sure, the squelchy synths are still present and correct, but there’s also a new subtlety to the vocals that makes it all rather lovely. True to form, though, they’ve also covered themselves on the b-side, taking the original to loungey, and possibly ill-advised, new lands.

Both versions can be streamed below at Soundcloud, along with a typically borderline genius/ridiculous take on Kid Sister’s amazing Daydreaming, that throws in a few more dreams along the way…

Hold Me

Hold Me (Cover Version)

Kid Sister – Daydreaming (Telephoned Dreams Version)

Top 75 Tracks 2010 – Top 20 Time!

All of these songs are guaranteed wonderful.

Previous installments: 75-51 | 50-41 | 40-31 | 30-21 | Spotify playlist so far.

And now into the top twenty we go…

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New Kid Sister video – ‘Big n Bad’

This is, in all fairness, not the greatest track on Kid Sister’s generally awesome Ultraviolet album. A shiny, colourful, typically cheery video somehow makes it irresistible still, though. Why? She’s so damn charming, mainly. Also, rollerskates, big smiles and cameos from the likes of A-Trak. It almost makes you forget that she’s basically rapping over Yazoo’s Don’t Go.

If all that still doesn’t work for you, go watch the Daydreaming video again and your day will definitely be brightened.

Kid Sister – Daydreaming

We’ve been rather spoilt with amazing videos recently. So much so that if a vid isn’t a nine minute epic, or it doesn’t feature boyband death by lasers, it’s almost seen as a bit of a waste of time. This wonderful, cheery, summery video disproves that theory. It also looks like a much better ‘intro’ video for the UK for the brilliant Melisa Young than the relatively dingy affair that was Right Hand Hi. Hopefully this will be the breakthrough hit she needs. Come on – make it happen!

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Kid Sister – Daydreaming (Jakwob Remix)

A quick bonus post because I’m bored of waiting for Kid Sister to… well, do anything in the UK. The album (which is excellent) is due at some point soon, apparently. This track, in its original form, featuring Cee-Lo, is supposed to be out over here soon. Won’t hold my breath for a video. Here’s dubstep bod Jakwob giving it a good going over. While it does sound pretty much exactly like every Jakwob remix ever, that’s no bad thing.

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Top 50 Singles 2009 – The Top Ten

What’s that sound? Fanfare? Trumpets? Hysterical screaming? No, it’s actually tumbleweed. Festive tumbleweed, perhaps. Everyone’s pretty much in a holiday mood now, I’m assuming, so now is clearly the best time to sneak out the much-anticipated (HA!) conclusion to my annual rundown of tunes of the good variety.

Behind the click below are my top 10 tracks of the year. And you can listen to a (rather pitiful) 42 of the 50 tracks over here via Spotify.

If anyone’s paying attention, what do you reckon to my choices? Too obvious? Not obvious enough? Most importantly – what have I missed? What’s been floating your 2009-shaped boat that should be in here?

So, here goes…

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Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi

A strong contender for my single of the year, Melisa Young’s brilliant electro-pop fist-in-the-air banger should rightfully be her big UK crossover track. If the record label ever gets around to releasing it…

It’s taken long enough to get the video together. Worth it? Maybe. Some nice painty-video trickery going on but, in the same way Little Boots’ New In Town vid missed the point of the spangliness of her endeavour, Right Hand Hi’s visuals are a bit too dark and grimey for their own good.

Anyway, one listen and I guarantee it’ll be stuck in your head for the rest of the week. You can get a couple of decent remixes for the princely sum of NOWT over at RCRDLBL, along with a whole bunch of other Kid Sister treats. Get thee there now.

The video, as ever, is after the click…

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New Releases 28th April 2008

Single of the Week: Kid Sister ft. Kanye West – Pro Nails
Ah, finally this gets a proper release! About time, too. This excellent electro/hip-hop crossover track has been flloating around since the back end of 2007. It’s spent so long waiting to be released that ace Chicago MC Kid Sister actually ended up making her UK debut on the Count & Sinden’s Beeper. This is in a different league though, and for once it’s not Kanye that steals the show. As I’ve mentioned before, Kid Sister is kind of like an updated version of Princess Superstar, only with better delivery, and on this evidence, much better singles. Of course the lyrical content’s total nonsense, but who honestly cares? This is great, fresh-sounding stuff, perfect for summer, full of life, bounce and energy. Comfortably one of the best pop singles of the year so far.

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