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Top 50 Singles 2009 (20-11)

And so, after some delay, we hit the top 20. In it, there’s pop, and there’s stuff that sounds pop in my head but might not be. There are lots of excellent songs though, which I guess is the point of this thing, right?

Clicky below. And click back a few entries for parts 1-3. Yes!

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Kyla – Daydreaming


I briefly mentioned Kyla earlier in the year, for the excellent Do You Mind, which almost scraped the charts back in February. This belated follow up is perhaps not as officially ‘Funky’ (that’s its genre, so I’m told) as its predecessor, but is kind of pretty. I seem to be developing a growing tolerance for smooth, polished vocal styles, and this certainly nails that. The video’s one of those cheesy, yet endearing affairs you used to get in the late 90s. It involves bubbles, dancing and sunsets.

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New La Roux, video-free legends, genre confusion, and bleeps


Let’s kick off with a bit of audio-only action from two pop scene stalwarts who it’s still very much OK to love. First up, WHY on earth is there no video for what is surely Saint Etienne’s most pop single in years. I guess it’s the same reason their latest best of has been repeatedly delayed (I wrote at length about it months ago) and that people ignore Tales from Turnpike House. Yes, it’s because the world is WRONG. All of it, all of you. Anyway, there’s also some more Xenomania-assisted tuneage from them Pet Shop Boys, for your video-free enjoyment. I’ve only given it a couple of “spins” but it’s ticking the boxes so far. It’s quite camp and silly. What, really?

On with the show below, kicked off by that La Roux vid I was waiting for last week…

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