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10 Tracks: 10 Years of Ladytron

So, yesterday I posted some remixes of the new Ladytron single Ace of Hz. I must be in a nostalgic mood this week, because it’s spurred me on to another retrospective post. So, in honour of the upcoming 00-10 best of, here are my favourite moments from Ladytron so far…
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Ladytron – Ace of Hz (& remixes)

The lovely, lovely Ladytron are about to put out their Best Of (guaranteed amazing – more on this theme tomorrow) called Ladytron 00-10, which has a nicely appropriate binary feel to it.

In the meantime, as well as working on their fifth studio, they’ve just unleashed a couple of remixes for their latest single Ace of Hz, out tomorrow. You can buy it with money, listen to it (and some remixes) below, or head over here to download an MP3 of the Punks Jump Up radio remix. Which is pretty decent.

My pick of the bunch below though is the Tiesto mix, which takes the original’s (slightly excessively) glacial vibe and drags it kicking and screaming into some massive arena. Of course it does.

Ladytron – Ace Of Hz EP

Ladytron – Ace Of Hz (Punks Jump Up Remix Radio Edit)

Ladytron – Tomorrow


Floaty, dreamy, jellyfish-centric video from reliable synth-popsters here on slightly more floaty, dreamy form than usual. Not a standout track on last year’s predictable-but-classy Velocifero, Tomorrow nontheless works pretty well as a single, thanks largely to Jim Abbiss’s slight polishing up of the production. It’s out now, backed with a bunch of remixes and stuff.


Here’s a bunch of videos and pseudo-videos for some upcoming singles you might be interested in.

As ever, judgement is reserved ’til the week of release, but safe to say there’s a few goodies in here.

Let’s kick off with a bit of Tilly and the Wall…

Tilly & The Wall – Beat Control (15th September)

Click below for loads more stuff…  comments appreciated.  Also, if I’ve missed anything good – let me know…

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New Releases 12th May 2008

Single of the Week: The Outside Royalty – Falling
Controversial choice, this, for me, as it breaks most of the rules I seem to have been following this year for my favourite singles. No girl vocals, not a hint of a bleep or whoosh, and it even prominently features guitars. Shocker.

At first glance, I thought this lot were going to be another generic collection of post-Libertines oiks (see below for the inevitable dose of that for this week.) But nope, turns out we’ve got a lo-fi take on Arcade Fire, with a vocalist that alternately channels Bryan Ferry and Jarvis. They’re a Pennsylvania band who’ve relocated to London, and this is their debut single release. And it’s great. It’s even got a crescendo that could rival Pulp at their most Pop. Absolutely my most exciting discovery of the week, and, despite a few misfiring lyrics, it should be yours too. MySpace for more.

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