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Robyn @ Heaven – 17th June 2010

I went away from writing this blog for absolutely ages, and all you got was this lousy Robyn ‘review’? It’s all true, I’m afraid…

Anyway, last night I went to see Robyn at well-known gay club / dingy tunnel Heaven. It was pretty great.

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Mother Mother – Windmill, Brixton – 19th May

Here’s a review I wrote for someone else, of a Canadian band called Mother Mother. It’s perhaps a little over-exuberant, but they were good fun.

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Class Actress – the Lexington, Islington – 14th May

Since last year’s excellent Careful What You Say (MP3), I’d been looking forward to catching Brooklyn’s synthy popsters Class Actress live. Their first show over here as part of a brief tour (mainly of London, it must be said) was, a little disappointingly, more of a club showcase than a fully-fledged headline show.

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Miike Snow, Music Go Music, We Have Band @ ULU (11/02/10)

Several months ago I idly clicked ‘buy’ on a couple of tickets for Music Go Music at the Lexington on the strength of their incredible 9-minute retro-disco single ‘Warm In The Shadows’. A few months passed, and this potentially pleasant little gig was gobbled up by a man (or possibly men) in a suit (/suits), chewed around a bit, and the spat out as part of the 2010 HMV corporate jamboree, elsewhere described as the “Next Big Thing” festival. And moved to ULU. Happily, this turn of events also saw the addition of moody Swedish electro-popsters Miike Snow to the bill, as well as some hip young kids called We Have Band. Let’s find out what happened next…

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