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Top 75 Tracks 2010 – Top 20 Time!

All of these songs are guaranteed wonderful.

Previous installments: 75-51 | 50-41 | 40-31 | 30-21 | Spotify playlist so far.

And now into the top twenty we go…

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2010 Spotify Playlist – Update #1

Every year, since 2008, I’ve kept a rolling playlist on Spotify of the latest and greatest singles/tunes/tracks of that year. My 2010 list is now up to 140 (relatively) carefully selected gems, which will feed into my annual top 50 in December.

You can subscribe to it by heading here.

I sometimes feel I invest more energy in maintaining these Spotify playlists than I do writing this blog. In fact, scratch that, I definitely do. So I thought I’d spend a bit of time every now again listing the latest additions, and essentially plugging the playlist, because I think it’s pretty good.

Worth bearing in mind that the list is a mixture of
• Brand new shiny cutting edge 2010 single releases. (NB may be a minority given Spotify’s knack for tardiness.)
• Stuff that Spotify has taken quite a while to remember to put up
• Stuff that I missed earlier in the year, or on occasion (with lesser known tracks) in the previous year

Anyway, here’s 10 of the most recently added tracks:

Rose Eleanor Dougall – I Know We’ll Never (acoustic version)
Wonderful lyric-indiepop from the ex-Pipette. This is sitting on the list until the proper version is available.

Princess Nyah – Butterflies (Donae’o remix)
Much prettier than previous releases, particularly with this harp-centric remix.

Everything Everything – Schoolin’
Neither their best track nor their current single, but it is on Spotify.

There are some decent-ish tracks on her poor-ish new record…

Magnetic Man – I Need Air
Covered last week – we love it.

Ost & Kjex – Continental Lover
One of those slightly out of date discoveries. Great stuff though, which sounds a bit like Wild Beasts produced by Aeroplane.

Caribou – Odessa
I’m well behind the times on this one.

Toddla T – Sky Surfing
Good fun.

Karl X Johan – Flames
You know there’s that Myspace genre name “Melodramatic Pop Music” – I think it was invented to define this bit of genius from Sweden (where else?)

Quadron – Slippin’
A 2009 track. A breezily funky, radio-friendly little ditty from Denmark.

Go have a listen over here.

Magnetic Man – I Need Air

Is this still dubstep? Does anyone care? This, obviously, is the chart-baiting coming together of Messrs. Skream, Benga and Artwork, all leading lights of the dubstep, uh, ‘scene’ and all familiar to anyone who’s listened to remixes of pretty much anyone over the last year or so.

This is clearly not about staying true to underground roots, thankfully. It’s about stealing a march on the usual filtering of dance music through into the mainstream, often as appropriated by scene-chasing laggard pop stars. It’s all over the place now anyway and that can only be a good thing. And there’s better to come.

Incidentally, their wikipedia page lists ‘trancestep’ among their chosen genres. A coinage too far, I don’t doubt, but also not exactly descriptively inaccurate.