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New Releases 1st September 2008

Single of the Week: David Holmes – I Heard Wonders
Initially unassuming, reserved, delicate, this track creeps up on you over multiple plays to reveal a layered, hypnotic beast that builds up to the sort of euphoric explosions that Pulp used to specialise in. Indeed, you could mistake this for some sort of dream collaboration between Jarvis and Kevin Shields. It’s pretty special. And it’s nice to see that the Belfast producer has still got it, after several years off making soundtracks for films that begin with the word ‘Ocean.’

The video version is a bit shoddy, so head over to MySpace for a better listen. Play it loud.

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New Releases 7th July 2008

Single of the Week: Those Dancing Days – Run Run
Inevitably, as the year goes on, I’m bound to keep giving Singles of the Week to bands I like that are producing more of the same great stuff. There are a lot of singles out this week, and a lot them are kind of OK. This one’s pretty good, so it wins. Previous single Hitten was so titled because it’s the Swedish for ‘The Hit’. Which is kind of appropriate, as this doesn’t really scale the same dizzy heights. However, it is still a great example of accomplished, mature pop music from a bunch of young ‘uns.

Because it’s the summer, and I’m feeling kind, I’ve decided to stick to reviewing songs I actually like. Or at least find interesting.  Away with the bad vibes! The rest of the week’s good/ok/interesting releases are available with a simple click below…

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New Releases 7th April 2008

Single of the Week: Miracle Fortress – Maybe Lately
What I tend to look for on here is not necessarily the mainstream, crossover, popular potential in pop songs, although that can be a factor, but rather the indefinable something that makes great pop music. This slice of loveliness from Montreal is never going to top the charts, and could have been made at any time in the last few decades, but it has that spark. It has that shimmering, spine-shivering quality about it that wakes you up from the mundanity of whatever you’re doing and says ‘hey, listen to this, things aren’t that bad.’ On a more descriptive note, it mines the same lo-fi take on the Beach Boys (with a bit of Spectorism thrown in) that has characterised great indie-pop for twenty years. But it does it beautifully.

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