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Video: Danny Byrd (ft. Netsky) – Tonight

Nice little collaboration between two DnB producers from opposite ends of Hospital Records’ lifespan (Byrd has been around practically since the start, Netsky burst onto the scene last year with stuff like the amazing Eyes Closed.)

Some great sounds on this one, and Netsky’s spaceship-about-to-take-off production is very much in evidence. Scattered across the track though are hints of Discovery-era Daft Punk. Most obviously in the vocals (especially the breakdown 2/3rds of the way through), but also the little flickers of synth-guitar throughout. Probably a bit Marmite to start with, but it sounds pretty massive to me.

Wonderfully mismatched (yet at the same time perfectly matched) Granny/Bingo-centric video too.

Top 75 Tracks 2010, part 3

I’m loving the fact that each and every batch of tracks I run through this year is making me thing “um, shouldn’t this be further up the list?” What a great year for tunes.

If you’re enjoying this as much as I am, here’s a Spotify playlist containing the tracks so far (from 75-31) – it will of course be updated with the rest in due course. Reverse order, naturally.

Click below for more, or just scroll down the page for parts 1 and 2.

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Netsky – Iron Heart

This one’s here mainly for the rather splendid video, which features an orchestra playing drum’n’bass, a spooky zombie kid, and increasingly nightmarish stuff as it goes along. Watch it.

As for the tune, Netsky is a Belgian D’n’B (or liquid funk, apparently) dude who recently signed to Hospital (home of High Contrast) and I’ve mainly been loving because of the excellent Eyes Closed, which I don’t think has a video yet, but is basically awesome.