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Shout Out Louds – Fall Hard (& Passion Pit Remix)

Swedish indie-pop-rockers Shout Out Louds have been evolving album-by-album, steadily turning into a mature yet far from boring outfit that deserve much more international acclaim. This latest offering from latest album Work pushes all the right jangly guitar buttons, hitting its stride in a simple but rather charming (if ever so slightly emo) chorus. Better still is Passion Pit’s blissed out and self-descriptive Summertime Radio Remix. The ostensibly dull-looking video (below) gets weirder as it goes along.

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Chiddy Bang – The Opposite of Adults/ Truth/ All Things Go

In brief: A Philly-based duo comprised of Chiddy (Proto,19, MC) and Xaphoon Jones (Noah, 19, DJ/producer) who “combine elements of indie and electronica with some good ole fashioned spitting” (so they say). What this translates as is popular indie tunes, mucked around with a bit, with some likeable radio-friendly rapping over the top. It’s silly, it’s dumb, but hey, it’s fun.
They say: They describe themselves as “kings of the basement party jam”
Fact: The Opposite of Adults is the lead track on an upcoming EP, and the one that’s been kicking around for ages, and is based on MGMT’s Kids. Truth is a Passion Pit thing, and the actually rather cute All Things Go is (guessed yet?) Sufjan Stevens’ Chicago.
Best Bit: In the Kids refit – ‘Somebody tell Roth that I don’t love college’ probably swings it.

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Top 50 Singles 2009 – The Top Ten

What’s that sound? Fanfare? Trumpets? Hysterical screaming? No, it’s actually tumbleweed. Festive tumbleweed, perhaps. Everyone’s pretty much in a holiday mood now, I’m assuming, so now is clearly the best time to sneak out the much-anticipated (HA!) conclusion to my annual rundown of tunes of the good variety.

Behind the click below are my top 10 tracks of the year. And you can listen to a (rather pitiful) 42 of the 50 tracks over here via Spotify.

If anyone’s paying attention, what do you reckon to my choices? Too obvious? Not obvious enough? Most importantly – what have I missed? What’s been floating your 2009-shaped boat that should be in here?

So, here goes…

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Passion Pit – To Kingdom Come


After the dizzying euphoric rush of The Reeling and its accompanying video, To Kingdom Come finds the Passion Pit boys in a more subdued, reflective mood. If it lacks the spark and muscle of previous efforts, and Michael Angelakos’ reedy vocals are more exposed, it still has a wide-eyed charm that keeps you listening. The video is a bit too studio-centric though, and should have spent more time on the comets and burning trees.

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Passion Pit – The Reeling


Wow. WOW. This sounds utterly, utterly massive. Last year’s Chunk of Change EP got a lot of spins round these parts, but nothing on it touched this. Listening for the first time is an interesting journey. That stop-start, brutally over-produced intro is so powerful that you’re left thinking that there is literally NO WAY this song can fail to be awesome. Then there’s some kind of underwhelming vocals which test your resolve a bit and then the chorus kicks in and it’s all JOY again and… yes. This is very very good. You know when Wayne Coyne collaborated with the Chemical Brothers and it should have been amazing but it actually sucked a bit? It should have sounded like this. Awesome.

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New Year, New Format, BBC Sound of 2009, Passion Pit, and the like


A new year, a new format. A new bandwagon to jump on. While my (ahem) comprehensive single review style was a fun experiment for a year (and I even saw it through!), it’s time to move on. I was too tied to outdated physical single release schedules, and ended up reviewing songs after they’d been at number one for 3 weeks already. Useless. As such, I’m now just going to fire out 5-10 singles each week that I like and are around or upcoming in the next couple of months. Or that I’ve just taken a fancy to. They still have to be proper singles, but the timing of them is less important. Anyway, on with business…

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