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10 Tracks: The genius of Gonzales

Yesterday I posted the video to Gonzales’ excellent new single You Can Dance. I thought now was as good a time as any for a run through a potted history of Gonzo. As a producer, songwriter, performer and self-proclaimed Entertainist, he’s been involved with some of the greatest (and occasionally silliest) moments in leftfield pop for over a decade.

Click below for 10 videos, featuring Feist, Peaches, Jamie Lidell, James Blake and of course the man himself.

I’ve also put together a slightly longer Spotify playlist, featuring all the tracks below plus a few more gems from over the years.

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Top 50 Singles 2009 (20-11)

And so, after some delay, we hit the top 20. In it, there’s pop, and there’s stuff that sounds pop in my head but might not be. There are lots of excellent songs though, which I guess is the point of this thing, right?

Clicky below. And click back a few entries for parts 1-3. Yes!

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Peaches – Talk to Me


Somewhat tramatically, Peaches appears to have de-evolved into a fourth-rate Pink without the tunes. What happened to potty-mouthed electro nonsense and barking at Iggy Pop? Video seems to be edging towards controversial but never getting there, much like the song and its search for a purpose. Disappointing, but still worth a look I suppose.