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Top 75 Tracks 2010, part 3

I’m loving the fact that each and every batch of tracks I run through this year is making me thing “um, shouldn’t this be further up the list?” What a great year for tunes.

If you’re enjoying this as much as I am, here’s a Spotify playlist containing the tracks so far (from 75-31) – it will of course be updated with the rest in due course. Reverse order, naturally.

Click below for more, or just scroll down the page for parts 1 and 2.

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New Ratatat video – Drugs

Still loving Ratatat’s LP4. Tempting me from my usual aversion to instrumental music, it’s a perfectly-judged combination of rigid synthetic formality and dreamy organic textures. A great soundtrack to a summer in a city. Anyway… the video. It’s creepy. Very creepy. I would venture that many of the creepy perfect smiles demonstrated in the first half of the vid are actually far more ‘orrible than the supposed weirdness later on.

Ratatat – Sunblocks

I fully admit that I’d bypassed New York duo Ratatat until this year. No idea why – partly perhaps to do with my general lack of interest in instrumental music, and partly because they have a silly name. Maybe mainly because of that, actually.

So, anyway, when I decided to give LP4 a listen, I pretty quickly figured out I’d been missing out. It’s very self-confident instrumental music, to the extent that it sounds almost pop (in sort of a 70s retro way, but not) yet you don’t miss the vocals. Gorgeous, delicate, hazy tunes, that feel like they should be soundtracking something pretty and summery. Or, you know, a bloke with a box on his head walking around a city. Either works.