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Brit Award Nominations Revealed; World Yawns

The Best of British

OK let’s kick this thing off with a great big BLAH. Yes, the Brits are necessarily a big old corporate shambles. Yes, we know what they’re for. Annie Lennox. Nothing new. BLAH.

But, come on, wouldn’t it be nice if they weren’t so predictably rubbish every year?

Elements of this year’s list are Not Awful compared to some recent years, but mostly it’s just all so DULL. Is that because music is dull at the moment – if so I hadn’t noticed – or that the charts are (perhaps)>?


Crappest nomination: Robert Plant (sorry to any Dads reading)
Surprise nomination: None
Yawn: Paul WellAH, Mark Ronson
SHOULD win: Tinie TempAH.
Will win: Plan B :(

Crappest nomination: Rumer
Surprise nomination: Laura Marling
Yawn: Cheryl Cole, Paloma Faith, Ellie Goulding
SHOULD win: ?!? Marling is the least yawn.
Will win: Ellie Goulding

Crappest nomination: Mumford & Sons (runner up: Rumer)
Surprise nomination: None
Yawn: Ellie Goulding
SHOULD win: Tinie Tempah or The XX
Will win: Mumford & Sons :(

Crappest nomination: Mumford & Sons
Surprise nomination: None.
Yawn: Biffy Clyro, The XX
SHOULD win: Gorillaz
Will win: Probably Take That, but that’s OK

Crappest nomination: Olly Murs v Scouting For Girls
Surprise nomination: None, this is alway inexplicable
Yawn: All of it, especially Florence and Plan B
Will win: Something godawful like Florence or Plan B

Crappest Nomination: Mumford
Surprise nomination: Emphatically none
Yawn: Plan B, Take That
SHOULD win: The XX (or Tinie Tempah)
Will win: Plan B or Mumford

Crappest nomination: Bruce Springsteen in 2011 (not that I have anything against The Boss in general, mind)
Surprise nomination: Not sure Guetta counts given his omnipresence
Yawn: Cee Lo Green, Eminem
Will win: I have literally no idea

This category is actually really good, but in fairness it would be really, really hard to fcuk this up
Crappest nomination: None!
Surprise nomination: ROBYN :)
Yawn: Kylie in 2011 perhaps? Alicia Keys now and then
WILL win: Rihanna, which will suffice I suppose

Crappest nomination: Bruno Mars
Surprise nomination: Glee Cast. WTF?
Yawn: The National, The Temper Trap
SHOULD win: None of them
WILL win: Justin Bieber

Crappest nomination: The effing Script
Surprise nomination: None
Yawn: Kings of Lyawn, Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire
SHOULD win: Oh I don’t know, Black Eyed Peas?
WILL win: Arcade Fire

Crappest nomination: Kings of Lyawn
Surprise nomination: Katy Perry
Yawn: Arcade Fire, Eminem
SHOULD win: Oh I dunno, is Cee Lo’s album any good beyond the single?
Will win: Arcade Fire

I’m skipping over Critic’s choice. We’ve all had that conversation.

Crappest nomination: I had to look him up, but “Ethan Johns” does not sound like My Kind Of Guy
Surprise nomination: Mike Pela (Sade I think)
Yawn: John Leckie, “Markus Dravs” (Arcade Fire)
SHOULD win: Stuart Price!
Will win: Oh I dunno.

The only bet I’d place on the back of this is that all my predicted winners will be wrong. Occasionally something even worse will happen, but mostly we’ll just go ‘meh’ and continue throwing things at James Corden’s face.

Hopefully Robyn will sing, then everything will be OK.


Top 75 Tracks 2010: THE TOP TEN

Yes, it’s here, the actual top ten. I felt like expanding my annual top 50 to 75 was a clever move. I now feel like I’ve been writing about songs pretty much FOREVER. It’s a good job doing so is such fun.

Anyway, as this is the top ten, you will not be surprised to find some GUSHING contained within. It builds slowly, but it’s definitely there by the end. Not everyone will have heard the track I’ve chosen as this year’s number one, but I strongly recommend you all give it a whirl. I’m just as happy with it as I was with ‘With Every Heartbeat’ in 2007 and ‘Bad Romance’ last year, and that’s saying something.

Previous parts of the list are linked at the end of the post, and I’ll consolidate the whole lot into one list at some point in the near future. The full Spotify playlist (minus 4 pesky tracks including #3) is now complete.

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Robyn’s Dancehall Queen video, Swedish pop reggae, and the Magnetic Fields

I have an internet again! After rather a long time. I don’t think I’ll be fully reawakening Instant Hits ’til the new year, but in the meantime there’ll be the odd post here and there, and of course my annual top 50 tracks. Here’s a post that’s definitely odd, to kick things off.
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New Robyn Video – ‘Hang With Me’

It’s Robyn so obviously it’s pretty much perfect. It sounds like Robyn. What else do you need to know? Even the video, which is in essence just one of those ‘oh no we’ve taken a camera on tour with us what larks etc’ affairs, is actually so well put together (and, basically, so full of Robyn’s face) that it’s still amazing.

Robyn @ Heaven – 17th June 2010

I went away from writing this blog for absolutely ages, and all you got was this lousy Robyn ‘review’? It’s all true, I’m afraid…

Anyway, last night I went to see Robyn at well-known gay club / dingy tunnel Heaven. It was pretty great.

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Robyn – Dancing On My Own

I definitely missed the boat on this one, but it has to have an entry, simply because it’s up there with the best singles of the year. And that’s saying something, because it’s probably only the third best track on Robyn’s Body Talk Pt. 1 (the first of three mini-albums she’s putting out this year). The Diplo-produced cod-reggae genius (two word not often found in close proximity) of Dancehall Queen and the lyrically spot-on Cry When You Get Older are both far superior. But this is still amazing. But then then that’s Robyn for you.

There’s also a phenomenal who’s of who of everything remix package out there for the single, a couple of samples of which are available behind the cut. ‘Jakwob remix’ is effectively to 2010 what ‘Fred Falke remix’ was to 2009, ie an indication of unquestionable quality. As a bonus, you get one of each below.

She plays at Heaven in London on June 17th. I can’t wait.

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I Blame Coco ft. Robyn – Caesar

In brief: Not sure how I failed to notice this, as I’m usually relatively alert when it comes to anything involving the wondrous Robyn. Anyway, not really sure what she’s doing knocking around these parts. Surely there’s better company she could be keeping than Sting’s slightly try-hard daughter?
Best Bit: Any of the bits with Robyn in. The rest is best avoided.
See also: Well, unless Robyn is a regular guest chez Coco, I don’t think I’ll be bothering with much else…

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Top 50 Singles 2009 (20-11)

And so, after some delay, we hit the top 20. In it, there’s pop, and there’s stuff that sounds pop in my head but might not be. There are lots of excellent songs though, which I guess is the point of this thing, right?

Clicky below. And click back a few entries for parts 1-3. Yes!

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Royksopp ft. Robyn – The Girl & The Robot


Hallelujah! An official video has finally emerged for this one. An undoubted highlight of Royksopp’s patchy third album Junior, this is a track plainly built around Robyn’s style, rather than Robyn guesting on a Royksopp-esque track, and all the better for it.

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New Releases 25th August 2008

Single of the Week: Lykke Li – Breaking It Up
Third brilliant single in a row, and on the evidence of her live shows this is only the beginning, for my undisputed artist of the year so far. There’s an oddness to her style which some might characterise as twee, but to me Lykke Li is a serious star in the making. There’s a reserve evident on many of the songs on Youth Novels that it seems like she’s itching to break out of. This re-worked version of the more mannered album track could mark the beginnings of that process. Where she goes next is anyone’s guess, but hopefully it will involve translating more of her irrepresible live energy onto record. I’ll be happy whatever, but she deserves to reach as big an audience as possible.

I’ve run out of superlatives, to be honest, so here’s an extra treat. The clip below begins with a bit of Lykke guesting live with Kleerup on their superb collaboration, Until We Bleed (full version without video here). It then segues into another, slightly more well-known Kleerup track…

Oh to have been there! Still, it’s been a good week…
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