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New Releases 28th April 2008

Single of the Week: Kid Sister ft. Kanye West – Pro Nails
Ah, finally this gets a proper release! About time, too. This excellent electro/hip-hop crossover track has been flloating around since the back end of 2007. It’s spent so long waiting to be released that ace Chicago MC Kid Sister actually ended up making her UK debut on the Count & Sinden’s Beeper. This is in a different league though, and for once it’s not Kanye that steals the show. As I’ve mentioned before, Kid Sister is kind of like an updated version of Princess Superstar, only with better delivery, and on this evidence, much better singles. Of course the lyrical content’s total nonsense, but who honestly cares? This is great, fresh-sounding stuff, perfect for summer, full of life, bounce and energy. Comfortably one of the best pop singles of the year so far.

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Time for some more upcoming and worth a look…

Since I’ve finally caught up with the weekly reviews, I thought I’d do a bit of a round-up of some interesting videos/tracks doing the rounds that are coming out over the next few months. A whole bunch of vids await if you click ‘read more’ below.

Featured tracks include a bit of looking ahead with new ones from Annie and Aly & AJ, the best Eurovision entry in recent memory from Sebastien Tellier, routinely great pop from Robyn, Kylie and, um, Ashlee Simpson, Jamie Lidell dancing with a unicorn, Princess Superstar getting saucy like it’s 2003, and some more dandy tracks from Santogold, Justice, Chromeo and Keren Ann.

Comments and thoughts welcome: loving any of these tracks? Hating them? What other upcoming releases are you looking forward to?

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