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Top 75 Tracks 2010, part 4

Getting juicier now. All being well this should be finished by Christmas.

For now – here are 10 more amazing popular music records that came out in 2010.

Spotify countdown playlist continues, but for the full experience of me aimlessly rambling about songs, please click below:

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Sia – Clap Your Hands

Another quick post to kick off this sunny day. Here’s the lovely Sia with her
latest Kurstin-produced quirk-pop ditty. The excellent, if just a
little creepy, video finds Ms Sia’s head trying on various muppety
bodies. All good, though the pole dancing bits are pretty wrong
though. Another video featuring weird muppety things up later, if
you’re sticking around…

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Sia – You’ve Changed

Yes, I’m woefully behind the times again on this one. But it’s another one of those tracks that former coffee-table-music assistant warbler Sia occasionally chucks out that is utterly, utterly fabulous. This is a rework of a club track that Sia guested on last year, now given a more polite, bubbly pop remix by Bird & the Bee bloke (and Lily Allen/Little Boots knob-twiddler) Greg Kurstin. Both versions are great though, and this one has a fun video as a bonus.

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New Releases 21st April 2008

Single of the Week: Sia – The Girl You Lost to Cocaine
I sometimes wonder if my choices here are getting a bit too predictable – upbeat, girl-fronted, slightly alternative pop, anyone? Hey, it’s nice to have a niche. Or something.

The most enjoyable thing about Sia’s recent solo stuff is that it shrugs off the coffee-table medicrity of her Zero 7 collaborations in favour of a whole lot of fun. This slips in neatly alongside the rest of your 2008 white female soul explosion, but strides out ahead by virtue of having a wry smile on its face and a keen sense of the fact that music should be enjoyable, rather than just a quasi-painful attempt at recreating your influences. Just watch the joy-filled dress-up box video for confirmation. Excellent.

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