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New Releases 8th September 2008

Single of the Week: Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire
It’s probably about time something on Modular got my single of the week, given that they’ve produced a pretty solid stream of dark, melodic electro-rock gems this year. As is customary, the vocals evoke Depeche Mode without being a straight rip-off, and it’s backed by a downtempo yet uplifting kind of electronica that alternates between heavy synth stabs and moments of twinkly beauty. A token choice, perhaps, but a decent single to represent a noteworthy 2008 label.

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Here’s a bunch of videos and pseudo-videos for some upcoming singles you might be interested in.

As ever, judgement is reserved ’til the week of release, but safe to say there’s a few goodies in here.

Let’s kick off with a bit of Tilly and the Wall…

Tilly & The Wall – Beat Control (15th September)

Click below for loads more stuff…  comments appreciated.  Also, if I’ve missed anything good – let me know…

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Catch-up Time! Part 2 – June 2008

So, so, so.  Sunny, sunny June. A long, hazy, pleasant month with lots of good memories.  And lots of singles to catch up on.  Here’s the pick of them, including Single of the Week cuts from Mystery Jets (again), Frankmusik, The School, Weezer and Ladyhawke (again). Enjoy…

2nd June 2008

Single of the Week: Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down

Despite recent confirmation that they’re still a bit crap live, this is my second single of the week for Mystery Jets this year. While it lacks the subtle charms of ‘Young Love’, it’s clearly a fabtastic pop stomper that throws everything into the mix (including potentially lethal sax solos) and comes out with something that sounds pretty much like Summer 2008 in a box. Sorry Lykke…

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New Releases 17th March 2008

Single of the Week: Sonny J – Enfant Terrible
I have to say this has been my least favourite week for singles so far in 2008. No discredit to Sonny J though, as this is one of the more interesting things I’ve heard all year. Not French, as the title might suggest, Sonnington James III is in fact a Scouse turntablist, seemingly with a penchant for throwing every sample in the box at a song. A sensible recent touchpoint is The Go! Team, and while this track isn’t quite the finished product, it has some gloriously deranged moments, and on occasion recalls some of the better moments of Stereo Total.

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