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Top 75 tracks, 2010, part 1

So… even by sticking to the usual rules (no tracks by the same artist – apart from guest appearances), and by being fairly ruthless with some overplayed pop hits that I liked a lot but didn’t feel like writing about again, I still couldn’t fit my tracks of the year into a top 50. For the first time ever. Does this mean 2010 is the best year for music in years? I’m not sure. I’ve certainly been fairly obsessively keeping track of things this year, even if I haven’t written as much, which probably helps.

Anyway, some classics in the long journey ahead, but to kick things off, for the first time, here are my tracks of the year, #75-#51. We might get down to the 30s by the end of the week…
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Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Bittersweet

A welcome return from ever-reliable posho Soph E-B. As ever, there’s the nagging sense that whatever she does, she’ll never top Groovejet, but this is a typically satisfying slab of polite, mannered pop music. It has a touch of some of Saint Etienne’s Xenomania tracks about it, as well as, to this ear, recalling a slightly watered-down take on sadly departed Swedes Zeigeist. Neither of which make for weak comparison points, even if the result isn’t quite as perfect as they’d leave you believe.

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Freemasons ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Heartbreak Make Me a Dancer


There are indie kids of a certain age who will always eagerly anticipate a new Sophie E-B single, regardless of quality. While she’s certainly had her moments in the decade since disbanding middling indie combo theaudience – Groovejet for my money is still a contender for single of the 00s so far – she’s thusfar failed to consistently produce the goods. So does this brilliantly-titled newie change things?

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