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Top 75 Tracks 2010, part 2

And so it continues…

Click here for part one, or click below to read on with part 2…

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New Hundred in the Hands video – Pigeons

I’m off to see the marvellous Hundred in the Hands tonight at Cargo, so here’s their latest video. The track, in spite of its name, is typically slow-burny and classy. The video features glittery vomit, but no actual pigeons. As far as I’m aware, this single has not been timed as a celebration of pigeonkind’s decision to take vengeance on painfully earnest guitar bands. But maybe we can appropriate it as such. In any case: excellent.

Top 50 Singles 2009 (50-41)

Ah, it’s that time of year again. Love it or hate it (and seemingly this year, mostly, it’s “hate it”) it is LIST TIME. I’m not going to even think about a 2000s list until the start of next year, as I have my usual top 50 of the year to get through first.

This is a personal list, my opinion only, which goes without saying really. There may be some ‘consensus’ choices in there, but they’ll only be in there if I love them. There’s very little objectivity gone into this list. Hopefully there are a few random selections that you might have missed me wittering about earlier in the year – check out some of those.

Click below for the first ten. Next batch will follow next week sometime. Hopefully it’ll be done before Christmas.

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The Hundred in the Hands – Dressed in Dresden


AKA Jason and Eleanore, formerly of The Boggs. First thing to note: they no longer have a terribly, terribly off-putting name. Second thing to note: Eleanore’s icy-cool vocals are to the fore now, and that’s all for the good. I was introduced to this by a slowed-down, sexed-up Jacques Renault remix called Undressed in Dresden (free download at RCRDLBL). There’s a curious pleasure in hearing a seductive, drawn out remix and then only later uncovering the simple punchy power of the original. There’s a laboured metaphor in there that I can’t be bothered with right now. Safe to say the original is a bit like Emily Haines fooling around with the Strokes, and that’s enough of a metaphor in itself for one day, indie kids.

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