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The Saturdays – Work


Four singles in, are the ‘new Girls Aloud’ living up to their billing? The answer’s a pretty resounding yes, from me at least. A run of four consecutive great singles is more than we’ve seen from the Girls of late. This one goes back to the straightforward upbeat electro-pop of ‘Up’, and while it’s not as inventive, it’s more immediately catchy and another obvious hit. Good stuff
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Pet Shop Boys, Lady GaGa, Frankmusik: new vids, essentially

Lady GaGa
Hallo there blog, I’ve been neglecting you again, ain’t I? Anyway, there are vids and things to catch up on. Probably the most pleasing thing I’ve heard recently is the beautifully synthy new Yeah Yeah Yeahs track Zero. It’s a beast of a track – a grower, and most certainly best appreciated LOUD. Do you know what it makes me think? It makes me think this is the sort of thing that should have come out of the second Long Blondes album, but somehow didn’t. Also, if La Roux doesn’t normally float your boat, check out the brilliant Skream mix of In For The Kill – especially the last minute or so. Bangin’.

Onto the vids. Click below for the vids. Some goodies this week…
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New Releases 28th July 2008

There are slow weeks and there are slow, slow, slow weeks…

Single of the Week: The Saturdays – If This Is Love

The Saturdays feature two ex-members of S Club Juniors/ S Club 8, and three other young ladies. The tone and styling of the video leaves you in no doubt as to which other 5-piece girl-band they’re attempting to emulate. It’s based entirely around a sample from an old Yazoo track, and the pre-chorus also sounds a bit familiar. But while Girls Aloud et al won’t be quaking in their boots yet, this is good, honest, dancefloor-friendly pop music like they used to make in the olden days. By my reckoning, we’re about due another decent girl group…

Some more really quite average singles if you click below…

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