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Those Dancing Days – I’ll Be Yours

I was recently at the Belle & Sebastian-curated Bowlie 2 Weekender (yes I am secretly that twee). Aside from larking around in Butlins, I saw some bands. One who seemed to be remarkably central to the whole thing were loveable Swedish young-‘uns Those Dancing Days. Their 1am set on the Friday night – or what I can remember of it at least – was the most fun I had all weekend. Stuart Murdoch showed up for some guest vocals, and Linnea repaid the favour by showing up for a show-stealing turn on Lazy Line Painter Jane the next day.

Anyway, I raved about them back in 2008, and was amazed by how great a live band they were at the time. They’ve now got even better, and have the tightness and raw energy of a Northern Soul outfit.

Yesterday Spinner premiered “I’ll Be Yours”, a highlight of the ATP show that I most certainly CAN remember. Stepping their usual frantic energy down a notch, it floats along on a wave of 80s synths and reverby guitars before launching into an ecstatic chorus. I’d urge you to pop over there and have a listen. If the rest of their upcoming second album is half as good as this, it’ll be a classic round these parts at least. If not, the single’s already looking like a shoe-in for my 2011 end of year list…

While I’m at it, I must have missed the video for the rather excellently titled Fuckarias, back at the end of last year. Let’s remedy that:

But please do go listen to “I’ll Be Yours”, because it’s amazing. Ta.

Top 50 Singles of 2008 (10-6)


Fact of the day: 90% of my top ten singles of 2008 had female singers. Only 60% of the top 50 though. I’m not totally against male vocals, y’know..

Here’s Numbers 10 to 6 in my countdown. The rest in a couple of hours…

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New Releases 7th July 2008

Single of the Week: Those Dancing Days – Run Run
Inevitably, as the year goes on, I’m bound to keep giving Singles of the Week to bands I like that are producing more of the same great stuff. There are a lot of singles out this week, and a lot them are kind of OK. This one’s pretty good, so it wins. Previous single Hitten was so titled because it’s the Swedish for ‘The Hit’. Which is kind of appropriate, as this doesn’t really scale the same dizzy heights. However, it is still a great example of accomplished, mature pop music from a bunch of young ‘uns.

Because it’s the summer, and I’m feeling kind, I’ve decided to stick to reviewing songs I actually like. Or at least find interesting.  Away with the bad vibes! The rest of the week’s good/ok/interesting releases are available with a simple click below…

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