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New Gonzales video – I Am Europe

1. He’s still got it
2. “I’m gay pastry and racist cappuccino”
3. Look, it’s Tiga
4. …

Top 50 Singles 2009 (50-41)

Ah, it’s that time of year again. Love it or hate it (and seemingly this year, mostly, it’s “hate it”) it is LIST TIME. I’m not going to even think about a 2000s list until the start of next year, as I have my usual top 50 of the year to get through first.

This is a personal list, my opinion only, which goes without saying really. There may be some ‘consensus’ choices in there, but they’ll only be in there if I love them. There’s very little objectivity gone into this list. Hopefully there are a few random selections that you might have missed me wittering about earlier in the year – check out some of those.

Click below for the first ten. Next batch will follow next week sometime. Hopefully it’ll be done before Christmas.

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Tiga – Shoes


Part of me is pleased that somewhere out there people are still partying like it’s 2002 (when, to be fair, we were partying like it was 1981). After Electroclash svengali Larry Tee’s Licky from last year, it’s now the turn of Tiga to forget that dance music has moved on a bit. Problem? Not one bit. This is wonderfully deadpan nonsense about (well, obviously) shoes accompanied by a fantastically straight-faced vid. More of this sort of thing please. Out 4th May