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Top 50 Singles 2009 – The Top Ten

What’s that sound? Fanfare? Trumpets? Hysterical screaming? No, it’s actually tumbleweed. Festive tumbleweed, perhaps. Everyone’s pretty much in a holiday mood now, I’m assuming, so now is clearly the best time to sneak out the much-anticipated (HA!) conclusion to my annual rundown of tunes of the good variety.

Behind the click below are my top 10 tracks of the year. And you can listen to a (rather pitiful) 42 of the 50 tracks over here via Spotify.

If anyone’s paying attention, what do you reckon to my choices? Too obvious? Not obvious enough? Most importantly – what have I missed? What’s been floating your 2009-shaped boat that should be in here?

So, here goes…

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll


Definitely a contender for video of the year. Not sure what it’s all about, but it certainly does have Karen O in one of the shiniest, coolest outfits you’ll see all year, pretty lights, and the band being outshone by a moonwalking, backflipping wolf-man-thing. And then of course there’s the brilliantly gory finale where… well, what do you think happens? Read the title.

Directed by Richard Ayoade off of the IT Crowd, the video’s obviously awesome, and the song, a raucous, synth-assisted rocker, still holds up a few months after the release of It’s Blitz!

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

What with this YouTube faffery going on at the moment I’ve been a bit hesitant to post anything recently. But, well, sod it. This may have disappeared by the time you press play, but hopefully not. Enough moaning, anyway, because this is easily my single of the year so far. It’s Blitz! is as good an album as I’ve heard in a long time, with plenty of moments to surpass Zero, but as a leading, standalone single, this is pretty much The Shit. Widescreen, expansive, glorious pop, that ditches the fidgety guitar riffs and reaches for somewhere much, much more ambitious. If there’s any justice, this is where Karen O becomes a Proper Pop Star, as opposed to just major league indie. Out 6th April.

Pet Shop Boys, Lady GaGa, Frankmusik: new vids, essentially

Lady GaGa
Hallo there blog, I’ve been neglecting you again, ain’t I? Anyway, there are vids and things to catch up on. Probably the most pleasing thing I’ve heard recently is the beautifully synthy new Yeah Yeah Yeahs track Zero. It’s a beast of a track – a grower, and most certainly best appreciated LOUD. Do you know what it makes me think? It makes me think this is the sort of thing that should have come out of the second Long Blondes album, but somehow didn’t. Also, if La Roux doesn’t normally float your boat, check out the brilliant Skream mix of In For The Kill – especially the last minute or so. Bangin’.

Onto the vids. Click below for the vids. Some goodies this week…
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