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Top 5 singles of 2008


So here, in fact, we are. Number five, number four, number three, number two, and number one. And then I move on, belatedly, to 2009, with a (kind of) new format. Enjoy!

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Top 50 Singles of 2008 (10-6)


Fact of the day: 90% of my top ten singles of 2008 had female singers. Only 60% of the top 50 though. I’m not totally against male vocals, y’know..

Here’s Numbers 10 to 6 in my countdown. The rest in a couple of hours…

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Top 50 Singles of 2008 (50-11)

So, in a way, this is why I’ve been bothering listening to lots of singles this year. Has it been worth it? I’m not sure. I don’t think the list produced is dramatically different to what it would have been had I not been blogging all year. Still, I’ve discovered some good things and I’m happy with every one of the tracks in my 50, instead of filling the bottom half with nonsense.

Obviously this is a personal list. I mean, obviously! Nobody voted for anything. Except me. That also means the order is, to an extent, arbitrary. Is this banging electro stomper “better” than this delicate acoustic number? Who knows. All I know is that I like lists.

My usual rules apply. Being thus: one single per (lead) artist. They can show up again if they’re collaborating. Hence someone appearing three times. There are other artists that would probably have appeared three or four times, but that would’ve been boring for me. Ho hum.

Anyway, I decided against splitting out each ten, as it’s already January. So here’s the ‘Bottom 40’ of the 50, if you will. That’s 50-11. Behind the click below… be warned for there are lots of embedded videos. Could take a bit of loading. But worth it, oh yes.

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