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Top 50 Singles 2009 (30-21)

Here comes part 3! Click back a few posts for parts 1 and 2. There’s a bit more obvious pop this time around, but a couple of tasty semi-obscurities and treats in there too. All good fun. 2009 has been a pretty good year in pop, I’m starting to think…

Numbers 30 to 21 are behind the clicK…

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Busta Rhymes ft. Estelle – World Go Round


This has been out for a while, but I’m still playing catch-up. What works here is the robot-lullaby created by Estelle’s typically impeccable vocals and the cheeky bastardised Eurythmics sample. Busta Rhymes isn’t really firing on all cylinders, by his own very high standards.

It’s still good stuff though, and what’s really worth checking out is this DJ Mehdi mix, which adds a bit more soul and flow to proceedings, and brings Busta’s rhymes to the fore.

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Catch-up Time! Part 2 – June 2008

So, so, so.  Sunny, sunny June. A long, hazy, pleasant month with lots of good memories.  And lots of singles to catch up on.  Here’s the pick of them, including Single of the Week cuts from Mystery Jets (again), Frankmusik, The School, Weezer and Ladyhawke (again). Enjoy…

2nd June 2008

Single of the Week: Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down

Despite recent confirmation that they’re still a bit crap live, this is my second single of the week for Mystery Jets this year. While it lacks the subtle charms of ‘Young Love’, it’s clearly a fabtastic pop stomper that throws everything into the mix (including potentially lethal sax solos) and comes out with something that sounds pretty much like Summer 2008 in a box. Sorry Lykke…

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New Releases 24th March 2008

Single of the Week: MIA – Paper Planes
This song actually feels like it’s been around forever now. Thankfully it’s finally seeing a physical single release, and so I can finally award it its thoroughly deserved Single of the Week. You’ve almost certainly heard it by now, and if you haven’t, well, click the link above because it’s pretty much unmissable. As a card-carrying Clash-obsessive, I was initially sceptical about any song sampling the sublime ‘Straight to Hell’. This one uses that classic as a basis, and transforms it into a new song that’s, improbably, equally great. The bullish use of cash registers and gunshots as rhythmic/lyric-replacing samples is initially distracting, but on repeated listens makes perfect sense. I’d imagine the repeated release date delays were in order to push this song closer to the summer, as that’s when it will really come into its own. Laid back, yet not lacking in energy, an instant classic on release, and easily one of the best singles of the year. 10/10.

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