Pet Shop Boys, Lady GaGa, Frankmusik: new vids, essentially

by MV

Lady GaGa
Hallo there blog, I’ve been neglecting you again, ain’t I? Anyway, there are vids and things to catch up on. Probably the most pleasing thing I’ve heard recently is the beautifully synthy new Yeah Yeah Yeahs track Zero. It’s a beast of a track – a grower, and most certainly best appreciated LOUD. Do you know what it makes me think? It makes me think this is the sort of thing that should have come out of the second Long Blondes album, but somehow didn’t. Also, if La Roux doesn’t normally float your boat, check out the brilliant Skream mix of In For The Kill – especially the last minute or so. Bangin’.

Onto the vids. Click below for the vids. Some goodies this week…

Lady GaGa – Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
So I guess this must be getting an American single release as the next one over here (as reviewed a few weeks back) is Pokerface. This is an album highlight though – it’s got a 90s europop innocence about it and it’s made for summer. Let’s hope it gets a proper release at the right time of year. I’m getting increasingly fond of The Fame, if I’m honest. Great pop record. So there.

Pet Shop Boys – Love Etc.
After their spectacular BRITs-redeeming performance, it’s only just that I give this one another airing. Awesome Beatles-meet-retro-platform-game vid, best single since, ooh, Flamboyant? Bouncy bouncy. Nice.

The Gaslight Anthem – Great Expectations
If you’re going to be a band of serious-looking men in checked shirts, you might as well imitate the best. Springsteen with a smidge of (old school) emo/ hardcore chucked in, and a proper tune to boot. It’s also light as a feather – and that’s why it’s superlative guitar music. Their album (The ’59 Sound) is a belter too.

Frankmusik – Better Off As 2
Now, when I started listening to this, I was pretty disappointed. It has none of the hyperactive urgency of 3 Little Words, nor anything approaching the euphoria of In Step (for my money still his best track). But not to worry, it’s a grower. A bit Daft Punk, a bit more conventionally ‘pop’, perhaps. But still very good. Especially the cute little pre-chorus.

The Saturdays – Just Can’t Get Enough
Poor man’s Girls Aloud? Well, this makes for a much more enjoyable charity romp than that rubbish Walk This Way cover. Rather fabulous pin-up style vid, too, and a nice breakdown at around the 2 min mark. What it’s really all about though is going to ex-Arab Strap man Malcolm Middleton’s MySpace and listening to his pretty faithful rendering of the ladies’ “Issues”. Simply lovely.

VV Brown – Leave!
Despite mining the same ‘Monster Mash’ rhythm (and, um, tune) as ‘Crying Blood’, this follow-up somehow manages to be 95% less irritating and about 47% more brilliant. Plus she’s in a box that keeps turning round and then other things are in the box. Proving that, often, things are put in boxes. And then they spin round. Which is quite deep.